About Caue LR

Our group, Caue LR, consists of a new breed of architectural critics and lifestyle bloggers from Miami, FL. Our vision is to highlight modern lifestyle in Miami by exploring new construction projects that feature spectacular architectural designs and various home improvement projects that can make every home look luxurious and inviting.

We believe that Miami is an awesome city that features the best of both worlds; an exciting, laid-back and friendly environment; and a luxurious, classy and high-end lifestyle. Our group’s objective is to make these two worlds meet right in this website. Through our collective efforts, we would be featuring fully-equipped high-class residences that only the rich and famous could afford; as well as warm residential homes that can be transformed into something more luxurious by adding some basic elements.

Caue LR was founded by our team leader, Gabe Dela Rosa, who works as a marketing consultant for one of Miami’s top engineering and contracting firms. Gabe used to hold the same position in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where he worked for 10 years before deciding to settle down in Miami. His fondness for unique architectural designs and creative home improvement projects is what led him to organize our group. 

As a team, we are all passionate about sharing our ideas and in helping other people create a suitable environment where they can live comfortably and luxuriously in their own way. Join us as we explore and dig-in into the present and future lifestyle in Miami.